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BT-PACK provides exclusively High Quality Flexitanks made in European Community for more than 18 years for all non hazardous liquids especially to food industries as well as oil and chemical that together represent almost 80% of our sales.

All our accessories are sourced in Europe (France + UK + Spain + Italy), especially raw material (PE film) which is purchased in Belgium from a leading & premium manufacturer of foodgrade fabric.

We remain the sole supplier to hold a “no claim” certificate from our Insurance Liability company who officially certify we never had any incident with our bags ! This should be the greatest evidence about our experience & Quality.

Our Technical Dept. along with our Engineering team has built up a new & unique drawing which combine fast fitting, cost effective components and A+ grade bags.

Flexitank conventionnel

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Flexitank Barless

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Why our bags?
Overview during fitting Fully loaded overview
Full services
  • BT-PACK holds one of the widest fitting network all around the world, mainly located directly into sea ports or big & middle-sized cities. No need to move the container out of its depot– we move toward it
  • BT-PACK can technically assist you anywhere for training, loading, discharge, cross pumping or recycling of bags. Our dedicated mobile team is ready at any time to support your new projects as well as your existing businesses.
  • BT-PACK can set up a permanent team onsite 100% dedicated to fit our Flexitanks directly into your loading facilities. This option remains the most interesting in case of wide quantities; presence of our team means less manpower (from you) for loading operations.
  • BT-PACK can provide you full service around Flexitank from supplying the bag until delivery of the container at destination, which includes complete logistics service provided exclusively by our world Class forwarding agents/key partners.
Complementary accessories
Aluminium insulating blanket to keep temperature stable HeaterPad system to warm up temperature at destination - by hot water, steam or electric Container sidewalls reinforcing system for some specific cases that need support Special pocket lining material/container protection - 100% waterproof - in both PE or PP film
A wide range of additional solutions

Sometimes commodity can require additional solutions to be shipped in bulk – we have the right answers such as :

  • Size from 16 000L to 24 000L
  • Truck Flexitank : for all your roadway shipments
  • 40ft Flexitank : while density of your product requires longer container to optimize shipping cost
  • Reefer Flexitanks : specially designed bag compatible with reefer containers – available in 20ft and 40ft size
  • Barless Flexitank : special bag holding itself – without the need of any front bulkhead system
Dispositif green flexi
  • Throughout a large network of partners we are able to handle full recycling process of all our products wherever their location in the word. This provide a 100% guarantee that Flexitank along with its residual commodity will be recycled thru appropriate means.